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The Haiti EarthquakeInside HumanitarianismInside the Documentary

Simulation: Inside the Haiti Earthquake

What decisions would you make as an earthquake survivor, aid worker, or journalist in Haiti after the earthquake?

Inside the Haiti Earthquake is a first-person simulation based on documentary footage from Haiti and real-life decision scenarios. Try it now, click the graphic below.

Winner – 2011 Horizon Interactive Awards (Best in Show)
Winner – 2011 Horizon Interactive Awards (Best in Category)
Winner – 2010 Applied Arts Interactive Awards (Gaming)
Nominee – 2011 Webby Award (Best Writing in Online Film & Video)
Nominee – 2011 History Makers (Best Interactive Production)
Nominee – 2010 Canadian New Media Awards (Best Web-Based Game)
Nominee – 2010 Social Impact Games (Best Social Impact Game)

Daniel Thorpe
August 18, 2011
11:25 am

Very interesting simulation, it has both moved me and inspired me to act. How would one become an aid worker?

Kate Richard
December 7, 2016
4:52 pm

Is there any document/worksheet that goes along with these for teachers/students?

    Andrea Nemtin
    November 26, 2017
    8:36 pm

    Hi Kate,
    there is a teachers guide that is available on the website under resources.

September 8, 2017
2:28 pm

I am unable to do the Journalist and the Aid Worker. Why is that?

    Andrea Nemtin
    November 26, 2017
    8:34 pm

    HI Xena,
    the sight was down for a while, but back up and working now.

Emily Dale
September 9, 2017
8:16 pm

Hi there,
The simulation does not appear to be working. I’ve tried multiple browsers and am just getting a black screen.
I have assigned the simulation as homework for a design-thinking course.
Thanks in advance for troubleshooting,

    Andrea Nemtin
    November 26, 2017
    8:33 pm

    Hi Emily,
    We have the sight up and running again. We will be moving to a subscription base model soon.
    Kind regards,

Kate Wilhelm
October 5, 2017
1:24 pm

The simulation doesn’t seem to load. Is there a website issue? We have tried on multiple computers.


    Andrea Nemtin
    November 26, 2017
    8:30 pm

    Hi there,
    The simulation was in fact down for a bit, we are transitioning to a subscription based model, but its up now.
    thank you for understanding,
    Inside Disaster

Cassi Smith
November 27, 2017
2:27 pm

Still not able to get the site to load and I chose the preview subscription for a school assignment, just wanted to let you know.


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