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Inside the Haiti Earthquake

Inside the Haiti Earthquake is designed to challenge assumptions about relief work in disaster situations.

This is not a game. Nobody is keeping score. By playing the role of an aid worker, journalist and survivor, you will be given the opportunity to commit to various strategies, and experience their consequences.

Please note that this simulation contains graphic and disturbing imagery.

Inside the Haiti Earthquake is created from documentary footage and photos shot in Haiti by the Inside Disaster documentary and web crew. This material has been edited and rearranged into scripted, fictionalized sequences for this simulation. Any opinions expressed in this simulation are offered for educational and entertainment purposes, and not necessarily those of the participants featured in interviews and footage.

Despite originating from documentary material, Inside the Haiti Earthquake should be a considered a work of fiction, and is intended for educational purposes only.

Produced by PTV Productions Inc.

Based on footage from the documentary series Inside Disaster, directed by Nadine Pequeneza, and footage and photographs by Nicolas Jollie!

Executive Producers: Andrea Nemtin, Ian Dunbar

Producer: Katie McKenna

Directed by: Nicolas Jollie! and Michael Gibson

Writer: Michael Gibson

Script Editor: Katie McKenna

Lead Developer: Nicole Chung

Graphic Designer: Peter Henderson

Project Manager: Katie McKenna

Cinematography: Nicolas Jollie!, Stefan Randstrom, Tony Wannamaker

Still Photography: Nicolas Jolliet, Edyta Materka, United Nations Development Programme

Location Sound Recordists: Paul Adlaf, Nicolas Jolliet, Simon Paine

Editor: Nicolas Jolliet

Composer/Music Supervisor: Nicolas Jolliet

Narrators: Falaune Louis Jacques, Gloria Slade, Matthew Thompson

New Media Assistant: Lucas Ng

User Testing: Kelly Chen, Jeronimo M. Munoz, Lucas Ng

Featuring: Nicolas Jolliet, Maga lie Lan dee, Cirilien Marseille, Steve McAndrew, Emmanuel Midi, Negrillon, Marcel Phevenun, Louken Pluviose

Music: Nadine Bonne Annee, Nicolas Jolliet, Coloby Luckson, Negrillon, Jamal Neufeld, Santia Theodore, Hugues Ybrahim

Special Thanks: International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Manfred Becker, ADR Chambers, Emmanuel Midi, Nadine Pequeneza, Stefan Randstrom, Allan Stitt, Matt Thompson, Yshia Wallace

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