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The Haiti EarthquakeInside HumanitarianismInside the Documentary
  • Inside Disaster Haiti is
    a multi-platform documentary project about the 2010 Haiti earthquake and the humanitarian relief effort.
    The documentary, resource website, and interactive experience work in tandem to provide a full learning spectrum.

  • The Haiti Earthquake
    Learn why the devastation was so great, and how both Haitians and the international community responded to the crisis. Follow Haiti’s progress as the country rebuilds. Experience the decisions made by survivors, aid workers, and journalists in Haiti through our first-person simulation.

  • Inside Humanitarianism
    Interested in
    humanitarian work?
    Learn about the history of humanitarian work, how to get a job in the field, and how to avoid ‘donation disasters’ in relief operations.

  • Inside the Documentary
    Inside Disaster Haiti is a three-part documentary series following the Red Cross response to the Haiti earthquake.

    Watch the trailer and behind-the-scenes clips, meet the characters, and get an insider’s perspective on our documentary series on the Red Cross relief operation in Haiti.

See the Documentary
The three part series is currently streaming online at TVO's website.

To find out where you can watch Inside Disaster Haiti, please click the link below.
Own the Documentary
Inside Disaster Haiti is now available for purchase in a variety of formats including the three-part series, full length feature documentary and as our interactive simulation.

Interactive Experience
Experience the aftermath of the earthquake and make decisions as an aid worker, survivor, or journalist in this jaw-dropping interactive simulation created with original footage from Haiti.
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