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About the Documentary

Inside Disaster Haiti follows international Red Cross disaster relief teams as they mount the largest single-country response in the organization’s history.

In the days and weeks following the disaster, the Red Cross had six hundred trained humanitarians from over 30 countries on the ground. Embedded in the Red Cross base camp, our camera had unprecedented access to the compelling characters and intense drama that unfolded after Haiti’s horrific quake on January 12th 2010. Filmed over six months, this gripping documentary goes behind the headlines to document an emergency relief operation from first response to recovery.

PART 1: Emergency
Thirty-six hours after one of the deadliest earthquakes in history, a team from the International Federation of Red Crosses (IFRC) is travelling overland into Haiti. Over the next 21 days Haiti will become the largest response operation in the IFRC’s history. The team begins by setting priorities – 300,000 are injured, 1.5 million are homeless, and hundreds are still buried alive under the rubble.

PART 2: Relief
Two weeks after the earthquake people are increasingly desperate. Military food drops and chaotic distributions are creating an atmosphere of anxiety and fear. More than a million people need food, water, and tarpaulins. By day 14, twenty-one Emergency Response Units are operational, distributing clean drinking water, medical care, and emergency supplies to the camps. But the overwhelming emergency needs have caused a delay in shelter planning, and Haiti’s rainy season is less than a month away.

PART 3: Recovery
Six months later, more than a million people are still struggling to survive in camps. Land rights and political instability stand in the way of reconstruction, along with 20 million cubic tons of debris. Less than 10 percent of the rubble has been cleared, and the construction of shelters is stalled. The Red Cross is one of the few organizations still distributing aid. In the run-up to a presidential election, Haitians are searching for a leader to save them from disaster.


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Behind the ScenesBehind the Scenes

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The Filmmakers

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The Funders

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