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The Haiti EarthquakeInside HumanitarianismInside the Documentary


This section provides an overview of the humanitarian response to the Haiti earthquake: the major players, the unique challenges of the crisis, the technologies and tactics that saved lives every day, and perspectives from the ground—both of Haitians and relief workers.

Major Players

Our interactive roster breaks down some of the major organizations in Haiti after the earthquake: their role, and how their impact has been felt in the country.


Which governments pledged the most to Haiti relief, in total and per capita? You’ll be surprised by some of the answers in this interactive chart.

Relief Challenges

The aid rollout in Haiti was criticized as slow and ineffective compared to the country’s needs. Why was the Haiti operation so difficult? We break down the reasons, and illustrate them with video clips.


How did the Haitian people survive the devastating aftermath of the earthquake? Some were able to access humanitarian aid, while others were forced to fend for themselves. This section illustrates both perspectives, with examples and video clips.

Technological Solutions

Discover both the cutting-edge and familiar technologies that played a front-line role in the global response to the Haiti earthquake.

Diary of an Aid Worker

Get an insider’s view of the Haiti response from the perspective of the Red Cross Field Assessment and Coordination Team (FACT) leader, J.P. Taschereau.

Video Transcripts

The Red Cross FACT team members featured in Inside Disaster speak candidly about their experience in Haiti, and their professional work as humanitarians.

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