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Inside Disaster Haiti had its world premiere in Canada in January 2011 – one year after tragedy struck Haiti. The documentary is currently being seen at public screenings and festivals across Canada and around the world. Read what people are saying about Inside Disaster Haiti and our interactive experience.

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Response to the documentary

“They were determined to cover disaster-relief efforts from the inside, completely embedded with the International Federation of Red Crosses. The result is a gripping three-part documentary… Inside Disaster Haiti deftly captures not only that drama, but the quirks of Haiti itself.
– Kenneth Kidd, The Toronto Star

“Spares viewers nothing in this raw look at life in Haiti after the quake.”
– Constance Droganes, CTV

“Inside Disaster Haiti really delivers…This is terrific documentary work, not just news reporting. We are truly inside the biggest humanitarian relief effort ever, focusing on the Red Cross and some really great characters. You are really there with them, experiencing their challenges, difficulties and emotions.”
-Filmmaker Magnus Isacsson

“If you want to know more, if you want to be moved, don’t miss this searing documentary series.”
-Chris Jones

“The Haiti earthquake has generated a mountain of news and information, but little in the way of thoughtful documentary coverage has surfaced until now…a more complete, nuanced story of Haiti and its people as they rebuild from the earthquake.”
– Sudha Krishna, Now Public

“By taking a more nuanced approach to the Haiti earthquake, the project is a great way to start the conversation about what we can learn both from the event itself and from our response to it.”
-Emily Shepard

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Response to the Interactive Experience

“Haunting … the strength of this interactive platform is the emotions it evokes”.
– Amanda Lin Costa, The Huffington Post

“Very deep and well-crafted content … the whole experience could be the first of its kind.”
– Gerald Holubowicz, 02 Creation

“Stunning footage and tricky decision-points … shows the reality of the chaos in Haiti”
– Lauren Kirchner, Columbia Journalism Review

“I found the simulation engaging and enlightening. It perfectly fits into my lessons relating to online promotion and eMarketing. Todays students demonstrate elevated interest when we can bring real-world situations into the learning environment. This game satisfies that on many levels, and brings attention to an important event all-in.”
– Professor Tom Supra, 
George Brown College

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