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The Haiti EarthquakeInside HumanitarianismInside the Documentary

The Quake

Explore the who, what, where and why of Haiti’s January 2010 earthquake. Find out why the destruction was so great. Track a timeline of the global response. Learn about Haiti’s past and present, and how the country became so vulnerable to natural disasters.

By the Numbers

Track media coverage, the changes in estimated and actual death tolls, and the rise in pledged donations to Haiti in the weeks after the quake.

Why Was the Destruction So Severe?

Why was the Haiti earthquake so much more deadly and destructive than more powerful earthquakes in other countries?

Haiti’s History

Haiti was not always an impoverished nation, vulnerable to natural disasters. Explore the proud and brutal moments in the country’s history through this interactive slideshow.

Haiti in the Media

By now you’ve probably heard that Haiti is the “poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.” What other terms does the media use to describe Haiti in news reports?

Haiti Resources

Learn more about Haiti’s politics, economy and culture using our curated list of the best books, films, and websites.

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