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Video Transcripts

The Red Cross FACT team members featured in the Inside Disaster documentary series sat down with director Nadine Pequeneza for extended interviews about their experience in Haiti, and their professional work as humanitarians.

You can read the full interviews here, and learn more about J.P., Hossam, Steve and Ian in the Characters page for Inside Disaster.

Jean-Pierre Taschereau
FACT Team Leader in Haiti

It’s hard to put into words, the destruction. I mean, entire neighborhoods just collapsed…

Hossam Elsharkawi
Field Hospital Coordinator in Haiti

It is extremely stressful…. Physically you see it, I mean we were seeing people alive one hour, dead the next hour in our larger hospital compound.

Steve McAndrew
FACT Relief in Haiti

And then I took a couple more steps and she screamed at me, and you know, it still gives me chills…the way she screamed, you know, it went right through my soul and I just froze and she said, “sir, you have to help me!”

Ian Heigh
FACT Logistics Team Leader in Haiti

The difficulty in leaving is that you always feel like you could’ve done more.

Tom CarnegieTom Carnegie
Head of Shelter – Canadian Red Cross

The objective, and it has been our objective from the start, is to return families to their home plots.

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