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The Aid Industry

In this section, you can explore the centuries-old history of humanitarian work, and read provocative quotes and ideas from leading thinkers in the field.

Funding for global humanitarian operations has doubled over the past decade.

While 60-80% of humanitarian funding goes to conflict responses, natural disasters like earthquakes, droughts, and flooding also affect millions around the world every year.  You can explore the relationship in this chart, built from data from the IFRC World Disasters Report 2009 [PDF], and the Global Humanitarian Assistance Report 2010 .

Thanks to Paul Conneally of the IFRC, and Lydia Poole and Lisa Walmsley of the Global Humanitarian Assistance website for their assistance in sourcing this data.

A History of Humanitarianism

What is humanitarianism, and how did it become an established, respected and influential industry? Explore the fascinating, and sometimes controversial history of humanitarianism in
this interactive slideshow.

What is Humanitarianism?

Explore provocative quotes and ideas from leading thinkers in the field.

Humanitarian Resources

Want to learn more about the past, present and future of humanitarianism? Explore our list of top blogs, books, and films about the field.

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