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Interactive Gallery: Haiti Earthquake

Explore the Haiti earthquake, the relief effort, and the global response to the disaster through our gallery of interactive resources.

Video Map

From rescue operations to survival tactics, see where key moments from the earthquake’s aftermath unfolded around Port-au-Prince..


Explore the “best of the best” of the hundreds of photos shot by our team in Haiti, all available under a Creative Commons license.

Destruction Slideshow

The slideshow combines striking images and statistics to capture the massive scale of the destruction in Haiti.

Quake Map

Track the initial earthquake and aftershocks on our interactive map; see a bird’s-eye video view of the devastation.

By the Numbers

Track media coverage, the changes in estimated and actual death tolls, and the rise in pledged donations to Haiti in the weeks after the quake.

Haiti’s History

Has Haiti’s political and economic history contributed to it’s vulnerability to natural disasters?

Major Players

Who were the major organizations on the ground after the quake, and how was their impact felt in Haiti?


Which countries sent the most to Haiti, in total and per capita?


How did people survive after the quake, both with and without access to international aid?

Technological Solutions

Explore the cutting-edge and familiar technologies that played front-line roles in the global response to the quake.

Diary of an Aid Worker

Follow the relief effort through the perspective of Red Cross FACT team leader J.P. Taschereau.


We know the earthquake has changed Haiti. But how? This page explores five facets of Haitian society before and after the quake.


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